Purge cache programmatically

You can purge the FlyingProxy cache programmatically by sending POST requests to https://api.flyingproxy.com.

All requests require an API_KEY, which you can obtain from the site settings.

Below are the examples using wp_remote_post in WordPress.

Purge by URLs

$urls = ['https://your-site.com/hello-world', 'https://your-site.com/another-world'];
wp_remote_post('https://api.flyingproxy.com/purge/urls', [
  'headers' => [
    'Content-Type' => 'application/json',
    'x-api-key' => API_KEY,
  'body' => json_encode(array_values($urls)),

Invalidate cache

wp_remote_post('https://api.flyingproxy.com/purge/invalidate', [
  'headers' => ['x-api-key' => API_KEY],

Purge cache (only HTML pages)

wp_remote_post('https://api.flyingproxy.com/purge/pages', [
  'headers' => ['x-api-key' => API_KEY],

Purge everything

Use with caution! Purging everything will purge cached pages and static files, reducing the cache-hit ratio dramatically.

wp_remote_post('https://api.flyingproxy.com/purge/everything', [
  'headers' => ['x-api-key' => API_KEY],
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