How pageviews or bandwidth is calculated

If you're using Google Analytics or similar tracking tools, you might see a noticeable difference in the number of pageviews and bandwidth used between these analytics tools and FlyingProxy.

Google Analytics and similar tracking tools use "Beacons" in JavaScript to send pageviews. This works by injecting a tracking JavaScript code into your web page. When someone visits your site, this script gets executed.

However, there are a few issues:

  • These tracking tools won't work with bots/crawlers since they don't execute JavaScript.
  • Many modern browsers and adblockers have started blocking these tracking tools that use JavaScript.
  • When you're using a CMS like WordPress, these tracking codes are injected only in public pages, not in admin pages like wp-admin.

FlyingProxy works differently. We don't inject any JavaScript into your webpage for tracking. Instead, the pageviews and bandwidth are counted for every page request to our edge servers. This includes humans, bots, crawlers etc., and even requests to your admin pages.

Note that these bots/crawlers usually only request the HTML page, not the resources inside the page. So bandwidth used is mainly from your real users, and that's why we charge based on the bandwidth used alone.

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